im a new member here..
i have a problem with XML on flash..

in my case, i want to access the attributes value of my XML..

this xml has the same structure with my xml..
<nodeQuestion id_question="1" question="What is the first letter of alphabet?">
  <answer status="true">A</answer> 
  <answer status="false">B</answer> 
  <answer status="false">C</answer> 
  <answer status="false">D</answer> 
<nodeQuestion id_question="2" question="What is the first letter of alphabet?">
  <answer status="false">A</answer> 
  <answer status="true">B</answer> 
  <answer status="false">C</answer> 
  <answer status="false">D</answer> 
i have made 2 array based on that XML, named question_array and answer_array which follow question_array

how can i access the "status" attribute from asnwer_array????

my answer_array is consist of the nodeValue of the answernode..

should i make another array that consist of the answernode?

anybody can help me please?
thx before..