i have a problem here. i am using a simple structure by using a navTo variable as a string to find my frame label within the variable and a play() method. my problem is when i click off my home page and navigate to my gallery page then maybe navigate back to my links page my timeline always defaults back to my home page first resulting in a double click to get to my page of choice. below is the code and if anyone can see the problem and point it out to me i would be most thankful.

Actionscript Code:
var navTo:String = "";

//add button event listeners

home.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, navigate, false, 0, true);

about.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, navigate, false, 0, true);
gallery.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, navigate, false, 0, true);
links.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, navigate, false, 0, true);

//define the function each button will call
function navigate (e:MouseEvent):void {
//the destination frame label is derived from the name of the button clicked
navTo = e.target.name;
play ();