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Thread: Are these temporarily freezes normal?

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    Arrow Are these temporarily freezes normal?


    I'm not new to Flash but I am to this board and it's been a while since I used Flash for a long animation. I don't get the chance to speak to anybody that knows much about Flash, that's why I tried to find info about it via Google but so far I can't find much about it.

    I'm using CS6 (Professional for the first time for a 'real' project, instead of just a small banner.

    It's an animation of 5'30'' at 1280x720, 30 fps. The problem is, that already after about 30 seconds, the application was temporarely freezing, seemingly randomly. Sometimes it works for 2 or 3 minutes straight, then it freezes a few times per minute! The freezes take longer now the animation gets longer. During a freeze, the cursor is still moving, but everything else within Flash is stuck. After 4 - 10 seconds, Flash goes live again.

    I suffered huge interface latency with Flash, while I was working on an animation that took several minutes. The latency would build up gradually then. That was about 12 years ago, so I didn't expect it to be a problem still on a Mac Pro with Flash 12 and 8 GB of SDRAM.

    Is this normal?! It's extremely frustrating!

    I didn't use extremely large images, fonts, much action script or complex constructions with dozens of layers. The .fla is 25 MB, the .swf just under 1 MB. I tried deleting unused library items and copying a small part to a new file but it had the same latency.

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    What's the frame rate? I recomend using 30fps. Post your script to see if anything wrong. I have CS6 and i'm not experiencing none issue with it. Also whats your Publish settings for exporting the swf?

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    It may be a better idea to export to a video format then use flash player or a swf to connect to the video. This is how flv actually came about as a format, to address long animation for the reasons you post about.

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