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Thread: scoring with dynamic text.

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    scoring with dynamic text.

    hi there! ive been working on a sniper game and im having trouble with dynamic text for scoring.

    heres the thing.

    i got a button which registers hits inside a MC. so thats this
    Actionscript Code:
     sound = new Sound();
        sound.start(0, 1);

        scoret.text = scoret+10;    

    please ignore the sound cause that works fine. the problem is scoret.

    in a different layer on a movie clip.

    i got a dynamic text inside. instance named scoret.

    what im trying to do is whenever the button is pressed. it should add +10 to scoret.

    but i dont have any error nor anything showing in my dynamic text!

    thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hi, its hard to give any help with such little info. Can you post your current code for setting textfield to scoret, or anything more relevant? Code of the score increment?

    Anyone can assume how you have it setup, but it's easier to see your code and help from there.

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    try _root.scoret = _root.scoret+ 10;

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