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Thread: new flash website, with 3dfa

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    new flash website, with 3dfa

    Hello dear 3dfa community,

    i want to show you an job of mine, that i have done for a client.

    It´s generated entirely in 3dfa. It was a perfect task for me, cause
    i don´t have to code much. It´s based on AS 2.0. I have to say, that
    i prefer the structure of 3dfa over Adobe Flash. It is more logical in my
    opinion. For a further development of 3dfa, i would wish something like
    a node-based viewport of actions, objects and so on. I am happy , that
    i found much answers here in the 3dfa forum. Thank you all.

    I hope you like the website. Thx for watching.


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    very nice

    und interessant das noch ein paar andere deutsche 3DFA benutzen :)
    sry for my bad school english (I´m from germany)

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    thx lewxx, glad you like the design of the website.
    It was layouted with illustrator, so the whole sites / subsites
    are made of vectors. Except for the thumbs. I like the idea of
    these technique, cause it is infinite scaleable. Every site / subsite
    has less than 90kb size, with its effects out from 3Dfa.

    sidenotes, german:
    Vielen Dank, das es gefällt. Freut mich ebenso einen Landsmann
    hier anzutreffen. Wie gesagt, finde ich 3dfa einfach genial, genial
    einfach . Denn es simplifiziert Aktionen / erledigt Sachen sehr
    schnell. Komplexere Aufgaben können dann über das Scripting ab-
    laufen. Weitere Entwicklung d. App wäre schön...


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    yeah i would really appreciate it, if the 3DFA-Team would continue to release updates.

    sadly my hope in this is gone

    (lewxx is my second account, in which I inadvertently logged in)
    sorry for my bad school English
    btw. visit my Page: projects.lewxx.de
    or lewxx.de (<= German)

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