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Thread: Absolute newbie seeking advice..where to start?

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    Absolute newbie seeking advice..where to start?


    I've decided i'd like to try learning Flash - from the starting point of zero knowledge of flash and programming in general. I'm an educator and can see the benefit in keeping up with the times in the hope that some Flash skills could help me develop eLearning in the future.

    My question is.....for an absolute beginner is the best place to start the Adobe site and the tutorials I've noticed there, or is there a better option? Are the tutorials on Flash Kit the next step after the Adobe site? Or should I start with buying a book and work on from there?

    Any advice gratefully accepted


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    Most instructional designers/developers use software like Captivate and Articulate to create swf files for elearning as they are designed specificly for that task. These are much more geared for non-programming professionals to easily create some basic to intermediate interactions and courses without having to understand actionscript and advanced design methods. If you get involved with something that requires something more robust, usually then does a programmer get involved.

    Even if you do eventually want to learn flash more in depth, since your an educator, I would suggest you look into some of the software I meantioned above before diving into the deep end.

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    Hi, i would recommend visiting the link below for great tutorials. I am a self taught Flasher, so i wouldn't know where to start with recommending books, but they may help you understand the principles of the Flash IDE and how Actionscript is used.

    I would go through basic tutorials and jump to more specific tutorials later on. Like if you wanted to learn how to make a Quiz game, just search Google for "flash quiz game tutorial" and usually the tutorials will have explanations as well as source files.

    Good luck with your endeavors.


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