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Thread: Portable Power

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    Portable Power

    I have a big shoot spread out over the next month shooting a ton of clothing and scarves. I caved in and wanted the extra power on location so I got the power pack from Paul C. Buff. To go along with my AB800. It'll do for now but my goal now that I am diving back into photography is to slowly check out my big bucket list of photo gear and that includes ending up with a kit including some of those fancy new Einsteins they offer. I saw a used 5D Mark II go for $1400 the other day and it got me drooling. I am so late into the game but I think with my recent photo gigs I will have to snatch one up once they kit the $1200 thresh hold. My next bit of gear is going to be the 85 1.8 for sure. I'm trying to talk the company that hired me for the job to buy me it as a sort of bonus and so as I shoot their catalog I'll have it in my kit for their photos. I worked for them for over 7 years before moving to boston so I know them all really well so it's not weird

    Anywho. How are you all doing in the photo world? How about we all post 1 photo we are proud of that we shot lately.

    I'll go first.

    I shot this in July while at a Music festival in NY. It was an incredible 3 days and I'm glad I got to experience it.


    Here is the full set. Don't judge me

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    That's a nice shot - the ferriswheel one. Great light.

    Here's one from me:

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    just done this tonight.

    Not done any Light Painting in a few years so thought I would give it another go, got some new toys in the post so will be doing a few more of these over the coming weeks.

    I hope that I will be posting more in here as I start to feel the love again for photography, not really done much recently apart from a wedding last month and a few product shoots, not even done any sports photography but had some enquiries recently for some big jobs which has given me the kick I needed.

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