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Thread: Check if an object is a Bitmap... how?

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    Check if an object is a Bitmap... how?

    I have some code that loops through all the objects in the displaylist. Is there a way to tell is the object it found is a Bitmap?

    I've tried things like :

    1.) typeof(obj)
    2.) if(obj is Bitmap)

    But they don't seem to work.


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    I use the following and it seems to work well, but there might be a better solution.

    if(String(obj) == "[object Bitmap]")

    Trace out the object type using trace(obj) and then replace Bitmap with it. I use custom classes so one of my objects was a Note and i would use the following:

    if(String(obj) == "[object Note]")

    Basically just a string comparison, i didn't really want to research any solutions so i came up with this for myself.

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