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Thread: SQL database to Flash and vice versa

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    Post SQL database to Flash and vice versa


    I am a newbie in developing games in flash. My problem is:

    how can i use database in order to show random questions and random image choices (as seen in the image).

    how can i link and import each flash questions and image into database. are there Any Sql server tutorials relating to flash. or should i use xml file?

    Can i have some help with you guys?? should anyone have any idea about these...
    i will greatly appreciate any suggestions, guys... THANKS!!

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    Since you are starting out, i would either use XML or just use Arrays if you don't need the questions and images to be external. You can have all your questions in an Array and just import all your images into your library.

    Using a SQL database is somewhat advanced, so i would learn the easier methods first and then go back to more complex options. It just requires more coding and involves PHP and SQL to get values and manipulate data.

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    The game ive been developing for now is like a quiz game, its a series of questions(total of 15) as seen in the image above.

    If i use an xml file how can i insert the choices which is a movieclip into the xml?

    Do you have any idea what procedures, syntax or functions of AS3 can i use to make it work?
    Im sorry for being a totally newb.

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    Flash can NOT talk to a DB directly.. it need s 3rd party 'helper' to do so.. (such as: ASP, PHP, CGI..etc...etc..etc)

    the only thing a Database can/does do for you is provide you with a stream/list/dump of data.. it is up to you to:

    1.) format it
    2.) parse it (do something with the data once it reaches your flash movie)

    starting out with a static .XML file might be a good idea to start.... after you have your movie working the way you want.. you can then work on the using PHP to grab this data form the database..and format it in an XML layout you defined prior.

    (if there any sending of data TO the database? or just loading info form the database?)

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