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Thread: Timeline Navigation and Movieclips

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    Timeline Navigation and Movieclips

    Hi all.
    Great site by the way!!
    (I hope its in the right thread!)

    Been looking for a way to explain this, so here goes....

    site has 4 pages, 'Home' 'about' 'services' 'contact'

    when the user clicks on 'home' menu button the home page fade/slides in from right, user then clicks, say; 'contact' menu button, the 'Homepage' fades/slide out and 'contact' page fade/slide in from left.

    I have the fade/slide for the different pages as movieclips and need a way to let them finishes sliding out and then play the fade/slide in of whatever page user goes to.....
    I hope that makes sense??

    (I have it set up at the moment so when I test it, the homepage slide/fades in/out then next page does the same, then next etc. only to see if it all works before I add the code.... whatever it maybe!)

    I remember seeing this on a video tutorial ages ago, but cannot seem to locate it

    any help/ideas appreciated..

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