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Thread: Word Fighter - My first flash game on Facebook

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    Word Fighter - My first flash game on Facebook

    Hey all I recently built a word game in flash, similar to text twist, but more fun and skill intensive in my opinion. I've also taken the opportunity to try my hand at turning it into my facebook app. I have it up and running now but some users are reporting that it won't start for them and it seems like people getting recorded to the db is not working every time. I'd really appreciate it if some people could try out my game and post some feedback and bug reports, basically this is an open public beta testing scenario.

    There are known issues with the dictionary not being correct so don't bother reporting on that as I'm working on using an all new list that should be much better.

    Here's my game, you will need to login with facebook to use it but it requires only the most basic permission.



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    I checked it out, it's all right. I was going to suggest a word randomizer/mixer but that may make it too easy. It accepts a lot of words I don't even consider to be words so it almost seems to encourage guessing, but I guess you lose points for guessing.

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    I also enjoy playing different flash games on Facebook like King of Kung Fu, Nesaurus and other adventure flash games out there.

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