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Thread: Dual camera video.

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    Dual camera video.


    So my question is pretty simple.
    I shot a video of myself playing drums while recording a song.
    While waiting for the final mix of the song to be done, I wanted to prepare a website, to feature the recording and where people can watch me play.
    The one cool thing I want to do, is to have the song playing, and while it's playing, the viewer could choose between the two cameras.
    How do I do that?
    I'm thinking I should place the audio in a single looped frame, and then put the two video streams in a movieclip with buttons to switch between them?
    As in, both are always playing but the viewer just switches, like as in viewing different frames?
    Also, what's the best way to have the site detect whether the viewer is using a smartphone and then switch to the smartphone version?
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    I think for the smartphone thing it auto detects if you have a mobile version of the site it will go to it, look up how to make a mobile version site it will mean your URL would look something like m.websitename.com thats most likely how facebook and youtube do it goto m.youtube.com or m.facebook.com on your pc and itl show the mobile version

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    Good thank

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    Capture life’s special moments as they happen - the new Dual Camera GH4 records Full HD 60i video and up to 10 megapixel digital photos. It delivers excellent 10X dual range zoom for video and 5x optical zoom for photos. Its compact, lightweight design makes the GH4 extremely portable and easy to use.

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