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Thread: Ipads decline in sales and android tablets rise

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    Ipads decline in sales and android tablets rise

    It's not a clean swap. Android and Windows are making a huge dent in the tablet market.


    Will the new mini ipad make the difference? Sales are pretty brisk for the new mini but it may simply be due to the fact that it's new and has a few whistles and bells that previous ipads failed to capitalize on.

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    Figured this would happen.

    I don't see the mini changing much.
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    Just like the mobile phone market, I think the tablet market has plenty of room for variety and competition. You are always going to have your Apple fans who will not ever consider any other device other than an Apple device. The same goes for the opposite, there is a large group of anti-Apple people out there who will buy anything but Apple.

    Then you have everyone else in between who are less concerned about who makes the device and more concerned about what the device will do for them and how much it will cost.

    I recently switched from my iPhone 4 to a Windows 8 phone and I've never been happier. I felt the same way a number of years ago when I switched from my Blackberry to an iPhone 3. To be honest, I wasn't that excited when I went from the iPhone 3 to the 4 and only did it because the phone died. When the iPhone 5 came out, I had absolutely no desire to upgrade.

    One of my biggest concerns when switching from an iPhone to a Windows 8 phone was all the money I had spent on music in iTunes. I was very happy when I plugged in my Windows 8 phone that all my iTunes music library copied over and works great. The only thing that didn't come over were my playlists which I rebuilt in the Windows tools.

    I know I seem to be veering off topic a little here, but I wanted to put out my own recent example to help explain my point which is that so long as a company is innovative and bringing affordable products to market with features customers want, there will always be room for competition. Personally I think Apple is slipping as they have failed to keep up with the wow factor. There hasn't been enough change in their devices over the past few years to keep people excited (except for the true Apple fanboys who stand in line overnight just because Apple puts a new product out).

    I hope that Apple is working hard on creating something new and cool as it will just continue the cycle of other companies such as Microsoft and Samsung making better products.

    In the end the customers win.

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    Don't be surprised when Microsoft Surface starts getting more sales then anyone expects. I think that Apple, Samsung and Microsoft will be the market leaders.

    I do remember CES 2001, when Microsoft had a whole room full of tablets - just the world wasn't ready for them then.

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    Reads as: Apple shoot themselves in the foot yet again by not offering a budget range of h/ware

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