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Thread: trufaces.com - A social GPS enabled web app - Mobile Ready - by truimagz.com

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    trufaces.com - A social GPS enabled web app - Mobile Ready - by truimagz.com

    Hey everyone,

    If you have been around the Flash forums the past ten years you probably recognize me.

    I focus on free services for developers, like free file hosting (http://www.truimagz.com/host/), free particle maker (http://truimagz.com/item.php?item=pa...maker&cat=misc) and other utilities.

    Recently, well maybe not so recent, but about 8 months ago I created a GPS based social networking site that uses google maps api to let you find new people and keep up with friends locations from any smartphone or pc.

    What's so cool about it you ask? Well for me it was cool because its mobile ready. Meaning it's reactive to screen sizes. And also that I built a custom from scratch messaging and chat system that works across the globe.

    That's right... if people actually use this web app you could talk to people from all over the globe in real time and actually see where they are, and given google street view it makes for a pretty cool experience.

    Obviously anti-stalker mechanisms have been built in if you choose to use them.

    But anyway, just thought I'd share it, it's pretty cool to me (but then who am I right? Just some dork held up in his home office geeked out on code)

    If your interested give it a go. Just realize it's a prototype right now (an idea not fully flushed out, but yet works).


    (if you don't see me on, I'm prolly passed out at my desk or frantically working on some algorithm for a new game I'm working on... or maybe, just maybe, I'm at work or in a meeting, or perhaps even didn't login in because I got tired of only seeing myself)


    (btw, locations are obviously more accurate from a GPS enabled device)
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