It's called 'jAnimation Flash Tools' and has some awesome features that will most definitely speed up the animation workflow in flash. It's free and any flash animator should definitely check it out.

Some of the tools included are:
  1. Rig Tool - Quickly turn any drawing into a symbol with the proper rotation point and orientation.
  2. Smart Key - Place a key inside a tween without ruining the original tweens ease.
  3. Scrub Key - Scrub between keys as apposed to just individual frames.
  4. Custom Ease - A better looking ease and at a fraction of the time.
  5. Bump - Change a symbols first one step up or one step down.
  6. Batch Select - Select the the layers in the selected frame (great for keying a full body).

There is an overview video for this tool, that demonstrates it's features. (A link to download the tool is also in the description of the youtube video).
You can check out the video and download the tool here.