Hi all,

I'm after an artist - who can also do a bit of timeline animation.

I'm needing a LOT of 100% Original E-greetings card type designs.

I'm not an artist - but these are the type of things i'm looking for -- I'm looking for someone who can create designs better much better than mine - and have original ideas. I'm open to all designs.

I'm after a few more christmas ones - but then new years, easter, valantines day, etc, etc -- there'll be about 50 designs needed - and more as the project develops

These have to be 100% original - especially the graphics - no using copyright, or even royalty free graphics - they have to be 100% unique.

Simple animation is also needed - such as in the examples - the items sway, or the sparkles appear around the designs.

Please let me see what you've done - and how much you'd want for each design -- i'll then tell you what i'm after - you do the that - then i'll give you the next job, etc, etc.

If you don't have any previous work to show me - have a go at recreating the christmas tree and gifts design -- but in you're much improved artist style - post it as a jpeg - and If it's good - i'll buy the fla - and we can start working together from there

Thanks for reading - hoping to find an artist i can work with on this project.

Any questions - please post! Payment will be via paypal.