Hi northcode

i downloaded your swf studio free trial and compiled my swf project with it but when i ran it, it didn't go past the first page and all the buttons seemed to be disabled. why is this so?

Also how can i make my videos embedded in my flash application work when i place it on a cd or dvd for distribution, since the location the swf sees the videos changes when placed on a cd or dvd? how can i make your swf studio locate my videos in the cd/dvd when it is playing on another system?

thirdly, some of my customers use mac and windows xp but it seems your swf studio does not support these except windows 7.any solution to this?

fourtly, how do i make my flash/swf application using your swf studio to work on both 32 bits systems and 64 bits system?

I need to have these information before i can make purchase cos these are the facilities i need to make my application active and complete.

Awaiting your positive response.