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Thread: Till Management System

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    Till Management System

    I am making a till management system for a coffee shop. I have the different types of products on different frames. I am trying to work out a way to be able to press the buttons for each individual product, and have this add the cost to a virtual cart, i.e. a coffee for 1.
    I have tried to use the actionscript cost = 0, and the buttons will have on(release) } cost+=1 cost.text = cost
    While this works adding the costs on that one frame, the actionscript cost=0 does not update on the next frame to show the current cart amount, which has the next set of products and I therefore have no idea how I would keep the current cost of the basket into the next frames and then to the checkout using the current actioncript.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Using CS4 Professional Actionscript 2

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    Welcome ConnorA

    You have to modify the frame structure of your application.

    PHP Code:
    This might help..


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    Welcome ConnorA!
    Already mastering AS3. It was so fun. Now into Javascript and PHP and all its libraries

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    Hello, I have added the _global.cost to an actionscript layer on this scene. Whenever I press the buttons now it will just display the number 0 regardless of how many times I press the button.
    The actionscript I am using for the buttons are:
    on(release) {
    cost.text=cost ;
    cost+1 ;

    Any further help would be appreciated.

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    PHP Code:
    on (release) {
    //cost += 1;// or this way
    txt.text cost;

    give your text a different name, it seems to clash with variable cost, or change the variable name!!

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    Brilliant, that did it. Thanks!

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