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Thread: How to get more traffic

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    How to get more traffic

    I want more and more traffic . If you have any ideas for how to increase effectvely and genuine traffic, Please you can suggest me Please help!!

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    build up effective and genuine content.. think about something that people care to talk about... then start talking about it.... depending on what the topic of your site is, dictates who you want to target...find out what it is you offer, and find out who your target audience is... once you know who you want to visit your site, you will have better success in generating genuine traffic.

    if your site has very little content.. you will likely not gain much popularity and traffic. so content really is the key.. if you can discuss many interesting things, people will stay interested.. and their visit to your site will be genuine...

    after that try searching google for SEO
    and maybe get involved with humans in your area..

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    In my thinking if you want to get more traffic on your site so, you have to do the SMO work, submitted the Social Bookmarking and Directory Submission

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