Hi guys
As a game developer I was so tired using more time submitting my game to online game sites then on the game itself. However, I knew it was necessary if I wanted to make money on my game, so I had to do it. That`s why I decided to develop a site called http://www.flashgamesubmit.com/index.jsf The site submits your flash game automatically to 305 game websites where you used to do the whole thing manually. In that way you can use all your time developing games instead of submitting them and make much more money on your flash games then you used to do. So go try it out!

By the way, a great advice is to place a mochibot in your game swf so you can track how many times it is played and which sites where your game is pending there later approved your game. However, always remember (regarding game sites where your game is pending) that it most times depends on your games quality if the administrator approve your game or not. Meaning, people there submit a game which is low quality will get less approvals then people there submit a high quality game.