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Thread: Can Flash still be used in web design?

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    Can Flash still be used in web design?


    I haven't done any web design for years, I've been really busy with my illustration and animation work but recently I've been asked to do a couple of website designs and not only did I enjoy doing it, I want to do more and better.

    Quite a few years ago I made a few nice websites using my animation skills in flash. They were interactive cartoon pages that did look very nice. I would love to do more of these, putting to use my animation
    skills but it sounds like Flash is a big no-no nowadays as it doesnt seem to work on smart phones or tablets, which is where a lot of people now view online content.

    So what do I do now?

    Yes I can use Dreamweaver to make more basic websites, dressing it up with nice graphics, but I would like to make more dynamic websites. Does adobe have a program that creates Flash like vector files that do work online? Or does CS6 have a way of exporting SWF files to something that works across the devices? What can I do?

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    Depends on what exactly you want to do, who your audience is, etc.

    Generally speaking, if you want to show something on the web, it's not a good idea to use Flash. You're locking out a lot of mobile devices going that route, as you said.

    It sounds like you're asking how you can incorporate animation into your sites, specifically cartoon-like animation? Adobe is just at the start of providing tools for these things, and they're not at the level of Flash. Flash CS6 has an add-on that'll export to HTML, though it is fairly limited in what it supports. They're also working on a tool called Edge Animate, which looks like they're trying to make into the "Flash for HTML" tool. I would look into those as a starting point.

    The other thing to consider is if you're just doing cartoons, you could just export a video. You could use any video tool, or actually create the animation in Flash and then export a video file.

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