hi guys, ive been trying to use my basic knowledge about Flash MX to load images through .xml into a movie clip on Flash 8 but it seems not working....

this is a code helped from poltuda(tkx poltuda) for streamming audio in MX : http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...XML&highlight=

im trying to use the same scheme but instead of sound i want to load images...so here it goes the questions:

1 - This time i do not have my project in the same folder than the .xml file, so how do i create a linkage into it in order that when i click in the "next" button i load the next image in the .xml?

2 - how do i make a movieclip to expand the image from the center? ....normaly we make the registration at the left upper corner for the image loaders but my images dont have the same size, and i would like to make them expand from the center of the movieclip so that they fit in the same place whithout covering other images or text...(i hope im making myself clear enough :s)...is the resgistration of the movieclip made at the center for this purpose?

3 - anyway im not being able to load any image, even with the code i gave up altered into image kind of...i can only load images through this code:

loadmovie("../folder/image.jpg", clip)
any help please?

Thanks you!

Duarte V.