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Thread: Flash Ecards Broken due to php upgrade?

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    Jun 2006

    Flash Ecards Broken due to php upgrade?

    Anyone here familiar with the Flash Ecard system that came from Flash-DB?


    I'd been using it for a while, but recently my host upgraded the php version to 5.3.17 I'm not sure if this broke something...
    I'm able to create the e-card no problem. It sends the mail, the link to the card works... the typed message appears in the email just fine. It's just that the e-card itself isn't presenting the text. When I try to view it, an error is generated in my log:

    File does not exist: dBText/.txt
    Referer: http://www.hugclub.net/Ecard20.swf?EcardText=

    I checked the dBText folder, it appears that texts are still being generated, so no problem there I don't think..

    Register globals are on too... unless the following isn't correct? #php_flag register_globals 1 (in the .htaccess)

    I dunno.. I'm revamping the site anyway, so I've got time to figure it out if anyone is willing to sit with me and do this thing Here's one card in question:


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    Jun 2006
    Good news, problem solved. suPHP5, different way to activate the register globals...

    but.. I am hoping for help still, in reworking the code so that it doesn't require the register globals since they won't exist in newer versions (so i'm told)

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