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Thread: SwishMax4 saving stage to bitmapdata

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    SwishMax4 saving stage to bitmapdata

    It's been a few years since i've swished or actionscripted with MM. Maybe one of you pros can help me
    connect the dots. I need to save my stage to jpg image. I'm able to pass a block to php script
    to save image to the server, but i can't seem to set my stage/scene view to the BitmapData.

    I have an application where users are building a design layout and I need to save the work to the
    server once they click the save button.

    How do I assign the stage/active scene to the BitmapData? I'm using Max4.

    function CreateSnapClick() {
    //create block on scene
    Bitmap_Data = flash.display.BitmapData;
    img_object_1 = new Bitmap_Data(715, 328, false, 0x78A240);

    //add stage and img_object_1 to snapshot
    myShoot.attachBitmap(img_object_1, 1);
    myShoot._x = 0;
    myShoot._y = 0;


    function SaveSnapClick() {

    var snap = img_object_1;

    var pixels:Array = new Array();
    var w:Number = 715;
    var h:Number = 328;

    trace("Dimensione X:" + w + " Dimensione Y:" + h);

    for (var a = 0; a < w; a++) {
    for (var b = 0; b < h; b++) {
    var tmp = snap.getPixel(a, b).toString(16);
    trace("Size: " + pixels.length );

    var output:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

    output.img = pixels.toString();
    output.height = h;
    output.width = w;
    output.Submit = 1;
    output.onLoad = function (success) {
    if(success) {
    } else {

    fscommand("postData", h + "|" + w + "|" + output.img);

    output.send("save.php?page", "_self" , "POST");


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    Its nice to finally be dialoging with someone on my issue...swishzone.com and swithtalk.com have not approved my user in over a week. what gives?

    Anyway...your save as example is nice, however...what I am trying to do is capture they entire stage which has many clips on it...i have built a designer where folks can move objects around the screen. I want them to be able to click a button to save it to, for either email or link to server that is emailed to a sales person.


    Thanks Wolf for responding, I've seen your help posts all over zone and talk...

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    this example does exactly what i'm hoping to achieve.


    pass image to php, save to server, include link to file with other form data from like name, email, phone, etc.

    This camera swish app creates a bitmap object from the camera connection...i want to set the bitmapdata object to the visible cast members on the stage.

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