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Thread: Webhosting Issue. Time is showing wrong in AWSTATS etc. How to correct it please ?

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    Webhosting Issue. Time is showing wrong in AWSTATS etc. How to correct it please ?


    I am hosting my website on a shared linux server. They have given me the Cpanel access. Ive uploaded the website and it works fine. Only problem is that when i click AWSTATS icon within the Cpanel to see ht eip numbers that visited the website, it shows a wrong time on each entry. In other words the time is a little ahead. How do i correct this issue.

    Someone said i have to edit the .htaccess file which resides in the public_html folder. I tried looking for the .htaccess file. But it doesnt exist within my public_html folder.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    There might be a difference in timezone settings between your test users and the server. Not sure if cPanel has a setting for that. .htaccess is normally a hidden file so you may have to find a show-hidden files setting depending on how you're viewing your servers directory. Some web hosts only provide one .htaccess for your parent domain and others will support a master as well as a custom one inside each sub-domain. You may have to search your server root for yours.

    On a side note, you're probably going to get way better statistical data using google analytics. It's extremely simple to setup and implement. They even have a flash api if your interested in tracking things that happen within your swf (although you have to track those manually)

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    Yesterday i found the dot files by trial and error, there is option to view them.

    I edited the .htaccess file using Set Env TZ etc. Still it shows the same time lag in the AWSTATS panel.

    How do i setup google analytics ?. Actually i dont need complex graphs and all that. I just need my day to day viewing to see if my client has correctly seen the website. So i use this on a at that day basis or just when i need to go in and quickly peep if my client has viewed the site and to what extent as that helps me concentrate more on worthwhile/interested clients.

    AWstats was simple and let me achieve that by giving upto the last second updates by hitting the update button.


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