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Thread: The Advantages of Being An Enterprise Level Flash Developer

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    Cool The Advantages of Being An Enterprise Level Flash Developer

    I've been a member here for a looooong time. I may not have contributed as much as I should have, but I've always found Flashkit to be a reliable and valuable resource.

    After Steve Job's fateful decree that Flash sucked, I admit, I was a bit down about my prospects.

    I was fortunate to choose Objective-C as my next challenge. It informed me that I knew what I was doing, but I just know particular syntax. I got Objective-C, and pretty much all ECMA-based scripting language fell into place, and become somewhat transparent to me.

    That's cool, but what does this mean? Well, I'd already created enterprise-level, client-side Flash apps to the business, so I already knew what to do, regardless of what technology we ended up using! I knew the score!

    Later, I'd find the mix of developers who knew how to do client-side development and those who didn't. There are a lot of Java developers out there who rely on the server side when they don't (and shouldn't) need to.

    Anyway, I digress'; I found that there were a lot of companies who needed to get away from Flash, and the fact that I understood it made me more valuable to help them meet that goal.

    There will always be a future for Flash developers; it just might be as a UI/UX expert.



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    the best html5 sites have been done by former flash guys. AS3 knowledge will never go to waste.

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