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Thread: Movies not updating from xml file

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    Movies not updating from xml file

    I have several swf's that do nothing but color the states on a map based on the data in an xml file.
    This worked perfectly to begin with, but the maps do not stay up to date with the xml file.
    I've tried many suggestions that are supposed to stop the swf from caching.
    I've cleared my browser cache and even closed my browser and restarted it.

    The swf is always correct when I test it in my Flash software (CS3 Professional).
    I don't have my fla files posted to the server. Is this necessary?
    Do I have to open each swf and republish after every change to the xml file? No wait, I tried that.
    Any ideas, I'm beat.

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    If you are updating the xml files correctly in the server, there is no reason to republish the swf and there is no reason to post a fla file to the server. I would check to see if the provider uses a staging or development server as it may take time for updating a file to the production server compared to adding new files. If that is the case I would store the data in sql and do a virtual xml dump into your swf instead of pulling from a hard digital file.

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