Its for a quiz
I have already done most of the application, this is the only one left.. Its been 3 days, and i've got no idea how to do it
I have an Object, How do I display the 4 values of the answer object into the radio button label??
I already have a RadioButtonGroup of 4 radios on the stage (rb1.....rb4)

var Q_Answer = new Object();
Q_Answer.a1 = ["Pluto", "Saturn", "Jupiter", "Mars"]; // How to display these values into the RadioButton label??
Q_Answer.a2 = ["Cheetah", "Snake", "Eagle", "Tiger"];
Q_Answer.a3 = ["Red", "Yellow", "Blue", "Green"];
Q_Answer.a4 = ["2", "8", "3", "5"];
Q_Answer.a5 = ["Mount.Kilimanjaro", "The Alpines", "Mount.Himalaya", "Mount.Everest"];

Help me to display only the a1 Please... I'll to the rest