Okay, it's a bit complicated to explain my problem but I'll try!
I made a dress-up game (well a got a lot of help with the coding), a while ago.
And now I want to have the option to change skintones. That's not a problem in it self, I just made two buttons that control the skin-MC. But the problem is that I also have the option to change her feet, from standing on her toes or not. And when I now for example have chosen the dark skin color, and then change the feet to standing on her toes, the skin color of the feet turns to the light skin color.
I don't think it's so difficult to fix, I suppose I have to tell the feet-buttons that "if the skin-color is on
skin1, go to feet1" or something like that, I just can't figure out the code.

I just can't get the file size below 300k, since it's not in vector. And you kind of have to see the girl and the feet to get my problem.. But it's only 390k and you can download it here from my server:

I would be sooo grateful if anyone will help me!