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Thread: Simple Soccer Manager Game

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    Cool Simple Soccer Manager Game

    i want to create the most basic and simple soccer manager game, i need some codes to get me starting

    to start off, il create 10 teams, to battle it out

    question 1:
    how do i make a shedule of matches randomly as easy as possible
    1 match vs all other teams, so 9 in total per season

    question 2:
    how do i make the most basic leaderboard
    getting the team with the most points on top

    thx in advance, and try to keep it as simple as possible

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    forever alone XD

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    1. Make a movieclip that isnt visible on the screen. Name it timer. Give it the same instance name. Each time a day passes, give it a function to get next frame on timer movie clip. Make keyframes in the timer movie clip, so its 1 keyframe = 1 day. Set an action on certain frames when you want for the games to be, and you're done!
    2. I'm kinda tired to think about number 2 now.

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    i hope someone can attach a fla sample

    so i can learn more from it
    maybe I'm old, but I want to learn more

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    seems like i have not been very clear with q1, i ment how to actualy put the teams into a shedule for WHEN they vs WHO randomly

    maybe something like team 1 = random(9) if 2(team 1 vs team 2) if 7(team 1 vs team 7)
    but then when i do team 2 = random(9) how am i going to prevent it wont duel the already matched teams
    10 teams 9 matches vs every other team randomly how do i code that
    the matches themself and the timer/days il come up with something fun and easy myself, i find the timers a bit hard to use

    q2 the leaderboards, something like if team 1 points > team 2/3/4/5etc team 1 = pos 1
    if team 2 is > but then yet again team 1 would need to be excluded, i have no clue how to solve it or make up a proper easy leaderboards
    pos 1 = bestOff("team1""team2""team3"etc?)

    thanks in advance
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