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Thread: Search Engine Optimization

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Whether a site can be more than one binding domain, so influential search engine?

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    Now days, Search Engine Optimization is very hard and difficult. This is my point of view.For that you have to improve the keyword ranking and quality work as well as content to higher rank and have to increases the website traffic values .

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    Flash presents additional problems when it comes to SEO. Html is much easier to optimize

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    Hi there,

    I have given up to write a lot of threads in / on forums because the questions are always the same over mny years now as people do not bother to do any research at all! But I found here quiet a few threads and not older then say June 2013 which still are bragging on about things which have changed as far back as mid of 2006 and in general are wrong and only repeated but in content very-very wrong!

    1) First up SEO is NOT very hard & difficult at all !!!
    2)Keyword Ranking is not any longer valid as when it comes to the Big-G and a few others Search Providers.
    3) Ranking is out when it comes to the Big-G, but do not know about any others!

    **** Flash / FLEX is the only one which can address indirectly search engine provider in using meta tags which are LOVED by Spiders as they have a Compiler! **** So the Flash / FLEX Compiler & Html are much more powerful then most people know or would believe!

    Despite 99.6% of people including businesses believing that the Big-G, Big-Y etc. are SEO or the Internet then please think again they are nothing else then companies - BUT SEO etc. is the Internet = as the Internet was created by Gurus which had nothing what soever to do with any of these companies and therefor the SEO has to be adored to by YOU & ME as well as all these companies!
    SEO is nothing else then meta tags & again they where created by ... the Internet by! so if you do have a site or a blog and excess to that Html header code area you can include these meta tags which there are basic must have meta tags & others.
    These meta tags are precisely PROPERTIES, COMMANDS & INSTRUCTIONS and the must are say around 6 code lines of code & the others are around 40 to 60 lines of code lines. And that is it!

    YET, everything else is really something else: called Online Presence Information!

    So with that said there is one item of concern we should be thanking all these companies for and that is that now these days nothing works any longer or just hardly as through there greedy monetary approach their have virtually put us all regardless if private, professional or business into the same corner where as NOBODY can any longer move left or right or backwards and that is all the same IF you pay somebody or not! As a simple example just look at Artist, Photographers etc. YES they are all on top of each other but NOT effectively visible nor standing out ahead and above anybody else!
    Of course if you look for John Doe you will find John Doe - question is only which is the right one out of the millions found?

    Online Presence promotional work is possible IF John Doe would do that type of work by associating himself with the right web sites & blogs (not meaning social media) as social media is not an item positively working for anybody it is lam and ineffective yet I have to admit it will come in a search like John Doe. So the only way in today's Internet world is associate with meaningful sub text criteria like John Doe Photography or Photographer but in a more specific way Fine Art, Photo Art, Cinematographic, Video, Movie, Portrait, Fashion etc. - or John Doe Fine Art Artist, Painter of .....

    This is all far more complex but this all above is just to showcase that it is still possible!

    OK, last but by far the best & most effective item is after associating with certain items and having just a basic SEO in place, and that is Acknowledgement! acknowledgement is only possible through addressing the associated Information which is the same as getting visitors to you site or blog which means so much as who & how often somebody is looking for a name and any associated items etc.

    The Answer to that would be this ...... well Unfortunately that I can't tell you as that would be telling secrets! but I can ensure you that anybody if private, professional or business is able to be or become effectively visible as well as stand out ahead and above the rest IF the ONLINE PRESENCE is done properly - say within 1 to 3 days normally or whereas I have had seen it already after two minutes!

    All this is strait forward and quiet simple AND most of all has NOTHING at all anything to do with any company yet the search engine provider will show up with your Informational goods as their should - because that is what their are therefor to display Information as it been ask for - so if you do spend money on something like this be aware that is the same as donating it! regards aktell
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