I'm completely new to Flash CS6 ... although I have little knowledge/know-how of flash actionscript... I've been playing around with Swish Max since 2001... and so know how flash scripts and animations function. Also know about layers due to knowledge about photoshop..

I'm trying to make this flash digital clock for which I need a good tutorial. I saw this digital clock animation in which the time was displayed as photos. For example, if my theme is winters, then 0 would be represented as a snowball, and 8 as a snow and so on...

I need the images to load externally so that I can change the theme without the need to edit the .fla ... I don't know how time actionscript works, so my my simple idea for this could be to pass the time digits to separate digit variables which load the photos to display time as per the theme... Also, if there can be an HTC clock like animation for time changing...?

Thanks for any help.