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Thread: XML in AS3 with combobox and textarea.

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    XML in AS3 with combobox and textarea.

    I'm creating a flash file with a combobox and a textarea. When I click one of the lables in the combobox I want information from my XML file to show up in the textarea. Anyone know how I can do this with Actionscript 3.0?

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    are you building a quiz?

    I know how to do it, but I cant explain it in a short post.
    You need to be familiar with:
    Loading/parsing your XML file
    Tracing the values from your radio button group
    Use logic to Changing the .text property of a Dynamic Text field based on which button was clicked.

    If you go to Lynda.com, they have great tutorials on all of these skills.

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    When you say flash 5, do you mean the CS5 Adobe released or the flash 5 macromedia released 10 years ago?
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