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Thread: Looking for direction on how to produce rotating image on mouse over for website

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    Looking for direction on how to produce rotating image on mouse over for website

    I am having a hard time finding this information. I have seen sites in the past where there would be multiple images in a circular arrangement. As you mouse over the the center image it will pop out slightly indicating that it can be clicked. Alternatively you can scroll through the other surrounding images. When clicking on one of the surrounding images that images will then rotate to center and slightly pop out just as the original. Obviously I am new to all this. What I am looking for is a tutorial or a template so that I can attempt to build my website with this animation. I am attaching a photo that will help explain my visualization. In the attached photo I would like to get each item to rotate to center when clicked. In addition to a tutorial I would also like to know what this sort of animation is commonly referred to?


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    You want to find relevant information on image rotation? I can recommend you this online page which displays the detailed tutorial on how to rotate image among 360 degrees, which can be integrated within native windows, web or mobile developing application with simple prorgamming methods and codes.

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    I don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for, but iTunes had created a "CoverFlow" animation back in 2010.

    Below is a link to a tutorial showing how to re-create it in Flash.


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