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Thread: High Score / Players Name List - How To ?

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    High Score / Players Name List - How To ?

    Im using AS2

    Im not sure where to start but I would like to add to my bubble pop game a high score, users name list.

    How would I go about this?

    The game will be on a website, as a class activity. I would like to record the names of the players - and if possible their scores.

    I was thinking the best place to add with would be at the end of the 60 second clock/timer I have. Here is the code for the clock - is this where I start ?

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    	if (_root.time == 30) {
    		_root.speedz = 9;
    		_root.intervaln = 30;
    	if (_root.time == 10) {
    		_root.intervalz = 10;
    	if (_root.time ==0) {

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    If it is a small amount of you only need a server side language to save the data onto a file. If you need it to be more robust you may need a database as well.

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    Yeah, unless you want to build your own system just use something like Mochi for high scores.

    If you want to build a high score system with PHP and MySQL, there should be plenty of tutorials if you search this forum, google, YouTube, etc.

    I'd suggest just trying Mochi and eventually building something else when you get around to it.

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