Now I know this seems like a very simple matter, in fact, I am pretty sure I've done this before, but during the current project I am running is a strange behavior.

First the code:

private function GenerateParamString(obj:Object):String
    var fullStr:String = "{";

    for (var key:String in obj)
        fullStr += "'" + key + "':";

         if(obj[key] is String)
            fullStr += "'" + obj[key] + "', ";
            fullStr += obj[key] + ", ";

    fullStr += "}";

    return fullStr;
Okay, now what I looking to do is create a string variable that looks similar to this:
{'Model':'SomeModelNumber', 'EID':1234, 'ItemID':5, 'Size':null, 'iLength':34, 'iWidth':30}

When I execute the function, it makes it to the FOR statement, but then exits without iterating through each object. I am completely at a loss here as to why. There is nothing cryptic about the information, but not sure why it won't iterate through the object, pulling out the requested information.

Does anyone have a clue as to why it is doing this?