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Thread: Compressing A Flash Ad...

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    Angry Compressing A Flash Ad...

    Hi Everyone,

    I created a 15-second animated banner ad (300x250 Medium Rectangle) in After Effects CS6 @ 24fps.

    It is a very simple ad without a lot of motion, so not very complex.

    I need to bring this animation into Flash Professional to add a ClickTAG so clicks on the ad can be tracked via the ad server.

    I tried doing this with two different methods, via exporting a .swf from After Effects and importing that into the stage at Flash Pro. I also tried exporting an .xfl from After Effects and opening that up in Flash Pro.

    Both methods work just fine.

    I am able to add the ClickTAG and wish to export it again to a .swf file that can be used as my banner ad (with Adwords Display Network).

    But the problem I am having is I can't seem to figure out how to compress the ad enough to get it below the 150kb size limit that Google Adwords has for flash ads. Without getting total loss of quality, I can't get the exported swf below 1.2 MB.

    I even tried cutting the FPS down to 5fps and heavily compressing the frames further, and I couldn't even get it below 200kb!

    This is such a simple flash ad, and I see far more complex motion in flash ads on Google's Display Network, so I'm assuming this ad I made CAN INDEED be compressed to under 150kb while maintaining enough quality.

    I've even tried exporting from After Effects as a JPEG sequence with heavy compression--and importing the sequence into Flash and trying it that way--NO LUCK.

    Does anyone know how I can take this simple animated banner I created in After Effects, add my ClickTAG in flash and export it to under 150kb?

    I have been racking my brain on this and would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance.

    Thanks so much,


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    Maybe attach or link to your *.fla file and someone here can tinker around with it, with you or for you.

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    The best way to get the smallest file size is to build it in Flash itself. Unless there's something you're doing that REQUIRES After Effects, it would be best to rebuild in Flash.

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