in order to play a quiz with my family & friends, I was looking for a scorekeeping application.
It's a quiz that has been on flemish television and scores are calculated with seconds:
counter decreases while player is answering, increases with a good answer.

There's already a flash-based example that you can find here:
It's in Dutch, sorry...
Ths front-end is a flash based site that gets it's info from the included (external) textfile.

It's working great but I want to put some sound effects with it (wrong answer, wright answer,...)
and maybe change the key bindings/controls.
I only have the swf file and no fla file...

Is there a way I can edit the SWF file or can someone help me to make the same appplication, with sounds, starting from 0?

I'm not a stranger in html or PC's but I don't have any experience with Flash or Actionscript...