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Thread: Flash CS3 won't open my file

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    Angry Flash CS3 won't open my file

    I've been working on my first game for weeks, and I'm almost done. Today I started adding sound when Flash basically crashed. I added background music, which seemed to work just fine. Next I tried adding a sound effect (a few seconds long), and coded it to be played every time an object was added to the inventory. I attempted to test it out, but the loader never progressed beyond the halfway point. I pressed cancel but nothing would happen. I pressed ctrl+s (don't know if it even saved it or not) and x-ed out the program, thinking it was just stuck or that the file for some reason was way too big with just that small addition. When I re-opened flash and tried to open my file (take1.fla), this happened...


    I press OK, and then this...


    I didn't move anything, so I guess it was importing this sound file? If it helps, the first time I imported it the file got corrupted, so I re-saved it with audacity and then it worked just fine. Never got to hear it in-game though.

    Please, I don't want to lose countless hours of work stretched over a few months to be lost like this. Thanks in advance.

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    Try finding the file directly and clicking it open, rather than trying to open a recent file from flash itself, the second error is obviously a path issue.

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    I've done so multiple times, it displays the first error but not the second when I do that. For the time being, I've been able to restore a version from 6 days ago. Better than nothing.

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