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Thread: SWF Controller In Main Timeline

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    SWF Controller In Main Timeline

    Hi Ya`
    I found the Play Media object to play video and images in KM 8, I can use that for .flvs. I want to create a controller (Play Bar) in the main timeline of the swf to control itself.

    The buttons have been ez enough... stop/play/mute, but I need a slider that the user can scrub and click to jump around in the swf. I can't figure out how to hook the slider component to the timeline so the slider accurately reflects the frame position of the swf while playing.
    I did search the KM forum, read the chm help file, the v5.6 pdf help file and checked applicable xamples.
    I might be missing something real obvious.

    Thanks in advance... Jack

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    I am not expert enough at AS3 to provide the final answer. One of the problems is that action script doesn't tie well into the frame-based timeline. You can probably get a rough correlation using the relationship between tweens and time which is 1/fps (movie speed).

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    Sorry it took me a minute to whip this up as I'm a little out of practice, But here is a simple example of what you want

    basically just created a simple 10 frame movie and added a scrollbar then did the code as


    slider1.setScrollProperties(1, 1, 10, 1);

    //setScrollProperties(pageSize:Number, minScrollPosition:Number, maxScrollPosition:Number, pageScrollSize:Number = 0):void
    function update(e:Event){
    root.gotoAndStop(int(e.currentTarget.scrollPositio n));


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