No doubt multiplayer games are fun to play. They take user experience to a new level. A Player can compete with thousands of other players worldwide giving a player new and better challenges.

But developing a multiplayer game, introduces lots of challenges. The very first challenge you face is SERVER itself. You need to do lots of server side coding and then host it too. And Since we are talking about multiplayer games, a normal website hosting won't fit your needs.

But what if you don't have to write any server side code? Yes! You can do it in that way also.

As cloud computing is becoming a new trend among developers, some of you might have heard of Backend As A Service (BaaS) and those who don't know about it google it

Briefly I can say that with backend as a service, you don't need to deploy your own server, neither you need to write server side code in most of the cases.

As a developer, I have been working on as3 port of our BaaS service. We have released the SDK of our BaaS service for multiplayer real time gaming service called AppWarp on Flash Platform too.

With AppWarp you can create real-time multiplayer games without writing a single line of code. We provide SDKs for lots of platforms including Android, iOS, HTML5, flash, marmalade, etc. So you can develop cross-platform real-time games And the best part is, it won't limit your creativity. You can still develop any game of your choice and make it a multiplayer game without writing server side code.