Hey guys, I don't really know flash, but I'm putting together a digital batman comic with some friends (I'm doing the art and flash-work), and we're also putting music in with the pages.

Take a look: http://theformedblock.weebly.com/

Right now, it technically works, but the music for each page just starts as soon as you go to the next frame. I need it to sync up somehow. I'm also going to need to have loops stop (fade out would be better) on certain pages too.

How should I go about all this? I'm thinking I can use some sort of global time keeper to keep track of the beat somehow. (Can I have global functions running?) And then use that to have tracks begin on the beat I want using some sort of custom function. Right now the music is just linked to the frame. Is there a better way to play music than that?

I've done some lurking and I can't seem to find out how to accomplish this, so please forgive me if this question has already been answered?

Thanks in advance for any help!