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Thread: Try my new game: Vectorb!

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    Try my new game: Vectorb!

    Hi guys, just want to share my new game

    Please tell me what you think! Bugs? Is any part too hard/too easy?

    An unusual combination of mouse control, physics and vector graphics! Guide the fragtile ball through each maze without breaking it!
    Mouse only!

    Use the mouse cursor to push the ball to the goal. Many levels requires you to lift it, balance it, and throw it in order to reach goal.
    Its very fragtile so watch out for narrow paths and hard collisions.
    Red walls are dangerous, you cant even touch them. Purple areas equals zero gravity, and green walls are made of jelly which you can push through.
    There are collectable coins on each levels which gives you extra score.
    After beating all levels you can play in hard mode.
    You earn a star for each level you manage to complete without a single death. You earn a red star for each level you complete in hard mode.

    P = Pause
    Hope you like it!

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    I can see myself playing this when im tripping on acid lol
    big study day today.

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    No should fabricate yourself about drugs and tripped, should no advocate the drug too, bad practice

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    Hey Pattt, I'm stuck on a hole and I can't jump out of it. I guess that's the difficult part of the game.

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