I've got a friend who can't afford to pay a web developer, she currently has 3 websites that she built on Weebly and now, they're changing their pricing structure so it's going to cost her about 3x as much, which she can't afford. SOOO, as her web developer friend, she came to me asking if I know anything about Wix or some other such tool that will allow her to easily build a small e-commerce site (10-15 items) and easily add/remove pages/products. I told her that I could build her something fairly easily in Joomla, but she really doesn't want anyone else to build it for her. She has a good eye for web design and knows a little html (but she HATES it), can use photoshop and, to a degree, DreamWeaver (but she hates it) and is looking for something that will make it easy to build and, most importantly, easy to update.

Any suggestions??