uBIDUP website allows users to bid for digital currencies based on unique auction mechanism. A lowest unique bid auction is a type of strategy game related to traditional auctions where the winner is the individual with the lowest unique bid. Unique bid auction is a form of competition and strategy game where bidders pay a bidding fee to make a bid in order to be able to participate. Auction is ended when required number of bid is reached. In our model we hide only top n bids for give auction. It is making the game more attractive form strategy point of view and as well it gives better transparency. Our goal is to make the game enjoying and fair for all.

For example, a unique bid auction might run as follows:

Value Number of bids Comment
0.01 35
0.02 12
0.03 4
0.06 1 Winner
0.07 1
0.08 0
0.09 34

In above scenario winner is player who bid 0.06. This player will receive a winning price.