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Thread: a challenge with the quiz using radio buttons

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    FROM THE MODERATOR: We are here to help each other. If that is done or tried (even not successful) that is the purpose of this forum. I don't want to see any insults or any kind of jealousy. This is only a warning. next time when I see this, I will close the thread and throw out troublemakers.

    I myself made a quiz. I did not allow anybody to go back but instead i made a button to start allover again, which is an alternative possibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moot View Post
    Scroll up. You just told this poster to use frames to control his actionscript and you told him to load a class on a frame. That is not just bad advice it's not acceptable anywhere. You give a lot of bad advice and bad code. Keep typing because you're mad and I'll start correcting your responses.
    Are you blind? This person was already using frames for the quiz. I just downloaded his/her .fla, and fixed what they were asking for. I just added conditions so the answers were only checked once and the radio buttons stayed checked. I don't need to make advanced stuff because this person didn't asked to me that. I did what it was asked. If he/she had asked about IMPROVING the quiz app engine, then i can point them to use a class, or only 1 frame, and make everything with functions, and loading the data from XML, as it is the correct way of doing this kind of projects. I'm not a noob as you are implying each time you type a word here. So basically i made what was needed, and it got fixed, and the person said thanks.
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    Putting all the code in one place solves his issue stated in first post. Putting all the code in one place is the best way. Correcting his incorrect code is not showing him the correct way.

    If you're posting in a geometry forum and a person is trying to find the sides of a right triangle, do you help him figure it out by using similar triangles or do you show him the pythagorean theorem?

    After that person wastes hours and hours using similar triangles and discovers the theorem, don't you think he's going to wonder why you didn't show him the theorem in the first place?

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    Going to close this thread due to all of the arguing.

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