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Thread: Workers in AIR

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    Workers in AIR

    I am working in Flash Pro CS6 to AIR 3.4 for Desktop. I have 4 files that I am referencing using the File class. I then find the modificationDate. Due to a slow network issue, this can freeze up the program about .5 sec per file!

    My first attempt at a solution was using the Worker class. However... in the worker, I am unable to use the File class because I need to compile in a .swf (correct me if I'm wrong). I tried using the MessageChannel class to share a FileReference, but it only showed up as an Object in the worker and I cannot convert it back to FileReference. Is there any solution to this problem? or alternatives?

    Thanks in advance

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    According to the Actionscript reference the worker class is fine in Adobe AIR and then you should be able to use the File class.
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