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Thread: UNCHECK "Enable Hardware Acceleration" -- Why??

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    Question UNCHECK "Enable Hardware Acceleration" -- Why??

    I'm would like to add my OSMF MediaContainer to a front-end MXML file. What i did was placed a UIComponent tag within the MXML then i reference it in my code-behind via the element's ID. I then add my MediaContiner to the UIComponent via addChild.

    It works fine HOWEVER i can only hear the audio but see no video display. I discovered i had to right-click the flash emdeded object and UNCHECK the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" option under the Flash Player Settings. I then closed the window and launched the app again and FINALLY it displays.

    Can someone please explain to me why i had to do this? I dont want any limitations for my app.

    Note: If i go about displaying my OSMF MediaContainer exclusively as a ActionScript Project (so no Flex MXML front end) and addChild to my Class, the video displays just fine with the Enable Hardware Acceleration option ON / Active. So it seems to be something with MXML / Flex. Is there a workaround?


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    The hardware acceleration setting in Flash publishing probably doesn't do what you think it does. Set it to none or off.

    Video is complicated. There are great actionscript tutorials on video at gotoandlearn.com.

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