hi I am working on a dress up game using this courses drag and drop method i have 17 dresses i want to import when I press the dresses button

var TeapContainer:MovieClip=new MovieClip;

var HSContainer:MovieClip=new MovieClip;

var FrenchKwiggleContainer:MovieClip=new MovieClip;

function clickdresses(event:MouseEvent):void{
var myTeap:MovieClip = new Teap();
Teap.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickdresses);

function clickdresses(event:MouseEvent):void{
var myHS:MovieClip = new HS();
HS.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickdresses);

function clickdresses(event:MouseEvent):void{
var myFrenchKwiggle:MovieClip = new FrenchKwiggle();
FrenchKwiggle.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickdresses);

I get the error message 1021uplicate function definition
if i take out the function method i get a 1046 error message

I've tried creating a container and adding them it doesn't work
I don't understand as I am using the same coding that I used
for my dolls but they each had their own button.
please help I'm a newbie