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Thread: Convert Flash8 website to html5...can it be done with new versions of flash?

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    Convert Flash8 website to html5...can it be done with new versions of flash?

    I have a site created in flash8.
    Can I open it in the new versions of flash and simply export as html5 and have it work?

    I would like to have my site viewable on those damn apple products...I always get comments that my site doesnt work and its always because they're trying to view it on their iphone.


    basically each section of my site is a separate swf that loads into my mainpage, those pages contain image galleries that load external swfs into a movieclip on that page.

    from what i've read, flash cs6 can load an FLA and export as html5...but then what about all of my external swf pages and swf galleryimages...i'm assuming none of that would work since in the FLA its calling to load "x".swf into a movie clip....

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    You can create IOS and Android apps with Flash. You can't convert Flash to html because html isn't a programming language. There are so many things HTML and javascript can't do there's no way to convert it.

    The Adobe Edge apps do html, css, javascript website stuff. I think Edge Code does the html. Reflow does RWD. Reflow is the best way for Flash developers to learn CSS and RWD.

    You can make html5 animations with Adobe Edge Animate. Adobe Reflow will both create a RWD and teach you css.

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